FabRoc™ Heat Technology

21st century fabrics which produce heat when low voltage is supplied


Heat Technology

EXO2's FabRoc™ and ThermoKnitt™ heating technologies are unique, 21st century fabrics which produce heat when low voltage is supplied. When used with rechargeable batteries, 12 volt power unit systems or step-down transformers, FabRoc™ is ideal for use in heated clothing, heated seating, heated medical modalities, heated recreational products, etc. With higher voltage, FabRoc™ outperforms traditional heating systems and allows our industrial and commercial customers to find new solutions for their product temperature management needs.

Under constant improvement and development for over 30 years, FabRoc™ can be heated by a variety of power sources (AC/DC, rechargeable batteries, 12 volt accessory outlets, and direct connection to motorcycle, UTV, golf cart etc. batteries). It can even be powered by 110 and 220 volt mains current (with and without step down transformers). This allows you to enjoy a product like our HeatWave Heated Back Support while on the bike, while on a walk or right from your living room recliner! The same technology, configured and powered differently, can be used to prevent pipes from freezing, can keep job site materials warm or can prevent the onset of hypothermia in battlefield situations.

By regulating the voltage, FabRoc™ will heat to pre-defined temperatures (up to 572° F) depending on the product, power source and system configuration. Uniform distribution and dissipation of heat allows the heating element to be located in close proximity to the heated area in order to maximize warmth/heat production/output and minimize response time and energy loss.

FabRoc™, which is only 0.8mm thick, is loaded with specially blended conductive particles, which enhance its conductivity properties but allows it to be custom cut to any size and formed into almost any shape.

As shown below, FabRoc™ exhibits a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) which allows the panel to level off at manufactured temperatures, creating uniform heating surfaces and eliminating hot spots, thermal runaway and the like.

PTC means that as the temperature of the FabRoc™ heat technology increases, its electrical resistance also increases in a non-linear fashion. Once the material reaches the desired temperature, it self-regulates by drawing less electrical current until power is again required.

How do the heating components work?

When the heating element is at room ambient temperature, numerous conductive "chains" exist within the material. When voltage is applied, current flows through the element, causing a rise in heat. Once the heat rises, it creates a small expansion, causing the conductive particles to move apart from each other. As the resistance of the element increases, the material conducts less current and the panel temperature is regulated.