FabRoc™ Features and Benefits

Flexible enough to be configured into almost any shape


Key Features

FabRoc™ is virtually indestructible. This rubber-like structure is flexible enough to be configured into almost any shape.

  • Freezing temperatures have no effect on the flexibility of FabRoc™ making it ideal for heated clothing and suitable for a broad range of other commercial applications.

Flexible FabRoc™ Heat Technology exhibited in a waterproof bonding film and neoprene enclosure.

Unlike wire-based or carbon fiber heating systems, FabRoc™ continues to operate even if it is slit or torn, with NO POSSIBILITY OF SHORT CIRCUITING. Operating from low voltage means that FabRoc™ heating systems can be powered by rechargeable batteries. The weight of these battery packs (no heavier than a typical Smart Phone) makes the heating system ideal for portable use.

FabRoc™ is:

  • Safe (due to the PTC properties and cannot overheat)
  • Inert (resistant to most chemicals making it ideal for use in extreme environments)
  • Efficient (converting over 99% of electrical energy into heat)
  • Lightweight (yielding virtually unlimited applications)
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Crushproof and Stretchable (with up to 200% elongation before rupture)

What's On The Horizon?

Today, e-textile manufacturers  offer 'wireless communication' and 'wearable computing' garments and clothing. EXO2 is engaging in this wave of thinking by developing ThermoKnitt™, a conductive yarn system which is a totally adaptable  textile heating system. This system  can be applied to an almost limitless range of product applications where there are no wires to break (or overheat) and no solid panels to accommodate.  Discreet and efficient energy sources (such as small  3.7 volt batteries) and a virtually indestructible core heating material makes this technology ideal for the 21st century marketer. To increase our already wide range of applications, this new technological advancement  is being vigorously pursued and patented. If you would like to learn more about ThermoKnitt™ please contact us at productdevelopment@exo2.com.